Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mental well-being -Its OK to talk

Saw this article in our local press (Swindon Advertiser 26/2/15) and  some interesting facts and figures about attitudes to mental health in the workplace have emerged.
According to research by YouGov and the Institute of Directors, one third of employees surveyed reported stress and anxiety make it difficult to get their work done, yet fewer than 1 in 10 businesses (7%) have discussed emotional well-being or mental health with their employees in the last year.

Simon Walker, director general of IoD says "There may come a time when people are as comfortable talking about their mental health as they are talking about going to the dentist, but we're not there yet".

We know it can be difficult to raise the subject of mental health at work in a positive way, but maybe  just trying to talk openly is what we need to do to remove the stigma from a very common human experience.

Question- Would you be comfortable to talk to some one close to you or at work about mental health?

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