Thursday, 19 February 2015

Hannah Fox's Diary 4 - What a difference a day makes

I’m still smarting from the meeting with Clive (or ‘Clipboard’ as I call him, he’s always carrying around something he’s trying to tick off). He had a real go at me about having to leave early because Amelia was sick at school. Came out with his usual comments about being ‘flexible’, I can’t just magic up childcare. I expect it was Louise bleating to him about me leaving early. 

Clive and I go back a long way…OMG I’ve just read that back and what I meant to say was we’ve both worked for this company for donkey’s years, in fact Clive reported to me when he first started. 

This is Louise’s first job out of uni, we used to get on really well when she was doing her internship. I was really pleased when she got the job as Business Analyst; it’s just that now she seems to bypass me and takes everything straight to Clipboard Clive. 

I also received an email from Clairmont saying how sorry they were that I was unable to I attend the race meeting but thanking Clipboard Clive for stepping in! That’s the 3rd time he’s “stepped in” and covered me for an event I didn’t know anything about until afterwards. Thought he was being a bit defensive. 

On top of everything he now wants me to call all our existing clients and get them to complete the satisfaction questionnaire. I’m only half way through that distribution schedule he wants in by next week. Darren is going to be home this evening so maybe he can take the kids to school tomorrow so I can get in early to finish it.


Don’t get me started!

I’m really relying on Darren to make it home this time.

No chance this week.

Too busy to give it a thought.

Hannah Fox is a character.  She is based on our years of experience working for a national mental health charity supporting people facing stress in the workplace.  
The names and characters are not based on any one person and all similarities are purely incidental.
However, hopefully we can all see a little bit of ourselves in Hannah.

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