Friday, 10 July 2015

Hannah Fox's Diary 22 - Big Meeting


What a day!

Had a meeting today with the Kitchen Appliance Company at their premises.  The invite had come through to Clive and I but Clipboard said I should attend and that I was more than capable of handling this one on my own.  Fair enough, I guess I did say I wanted the autonomy.  

Half of me thinks that after the conversation Clive had with them last week, he's more than happy to have as little to do with this client as possible! He was very keen to pass on all the details of the meeting to me.  

Maybe this meeting sounded too work focused for Clipboard Clive as we know social jollies are more his thing!  I know, I know, we've put that one to rest now and have moved on...

I prepped everything last night; latest version of the schedules I was determined to tie them down to, email with the directions, tissues (although hay fever has calmed down this week, thankfully), fully charged phone and laptop...all ready for a quick get away.

Feeling pleased I had time for a calm cuppa before setting off.... until Marcus announced he needed his green t.shirt for school that day which was in the laundry basket and Amelia wanted to know if she should use shampoo and conditioner on Rita! What??!!

As much as I'm really proud of how Amelia has taken on responsibility of looking after her guinea pig...why on earth has she chosen now to start Rita's piggie pampering!! 

Should you even bath a guinea pig? 

Well according to Amelia, who, she informed me has been googling these such questions,  yes you can, only not too often or you'll be in danger of causing dry skin and stripping their coat of their natural oils!!

So tumble drying the t.shirt and hair drying the guinea pig...thank goodness I didn't get those two actions the wrong way round...really was not on my plan this morning!  

Traffic was a nightmare and although I arrived at the Kitchen Appliance Company offices just in the nick of time, I wasn't as calm and collected as I'd planned to be.  Quick lippy check and into their reception I went hoping a big smile would hide how I was really feeling.

Apparently the meeting had been moved to their other site "oh didn't they tell you?"  Well no obviously not as I wouldn't be standing here if they had!  

Dashed over to the other site feeling panicky as now I knew I would be late.  The lovely receptionist directed me to the lift.  Maybe she could hear how fast my heart was now beating and probably thought I wouldn't make it up the stairs!  Used the lift ride to try and compose myself but my heart continued to race, my mouth was dry, I felt sick and I could feel my cheeks burning.  I fanatically wiped my hands down my skirt not wanting my first impression to be a clammy handshake.

Thankfully, some how I managed to get through the meeting and wait for it....actually tied them down to definite delivery dates!  So pleased the day ended on a high and I can book everything in when I'm back in the office tomorrow.

Phew!  Completely exhausted.

Feeling I'm making good progress with this client at last!

Picked up a cheesecake on the way home (a family favourite).  Darren is working really hard at the mo, the kids have that end of term tiredness and I've tied the Kitchen Appliance Company down to definite dates so thought we could all do with a family treat.

Again nothing to report this week, will catch up with Jo next week though.

Tried really hard to keep an eye on what I'm eating...we'll gloss over the cheesecake!  

Hannah Fox is a character.  She is based on our years of experience working for a national mental health charity supporting people facing stress in the workplace.  The names and characters are not based on any one person and all similarities are purely incidental.  However, hopefully we can all see a little bit of ourselves in Hannah.

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