Friday, 3 July 2015

Coffee Date Interview 19 - Cara Watson

Name: Cara Watson

Job Title: Adviser at Richmond Fellowship Wiltshire Employment Service

1. When you were little, what did you want to be? 
Ballerina, Fashion Designer or Artist. I was much more artistic back then.

2. When is your most productive time of the day? 
From about 10am to midday after I realised the amount of work I need to get done for the rest of the day and week. Which involves me reprioritising my “MUST DO” list & making a start on that e.g. getting phone calls done before lunch time breaks.

3. What’s your top tip for staying on top of things and getting stuff done? 
As above; my To do list, well I call it my MUST DO list otherwise the To Do’s never get done! I now (after many years) find it helpful to let others know what I hope to get done during the day as it raises the stakes of getting it done and to ask for help from others.

Editor's Note: There are lots if tips on list writing and getting through to do lists in the articles below.  Just follow the links...

4. What made you laugh this week? 
During my week off, I’d organised a photo shoot for my dog Loki at Lydiard, and after trying to get him to come out of the lake and shake on cue he decided to run straight up to the photographer and shake all the water off onto him!!!

5. What one thing would you change about your job or place of work? 
Wish I had more of a remit & time to work with local employers in Wiltshire to help reduce stigma of mental health in the work place, to increase recruitment and retention of adults with mental health difficulties.

6. What are the 3 “always” in your life? 
1) Visualise events in my minds eye to help calm my nerves or help plan better 
2) try to do the best I can in the time allowed 
3) Let It Go as the song says – not to burden myself with past negative events and allowing what will be will be, Que Sera, Sera.

7. What song will guarantee to make you feel better? 
Don’t worry be happy by Bob Marley

8. How do you relax / wind down after a hard day at work? 
Chinwag with my husband always helps to put things into perspective, playing & having walks with the dog, and I hope to start a bit of yoga soon.

9. Wine or Beer? 
Ooh I love both! If had to choose it would be Beer.

10. Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel? 
Roller coaster always, much more thrilling, like life there will always be ups and downs to ride through.

11. Tom or Jerry? 
Jerry – the smarter quicker one

12. Seaside or Countryside? 
Seaside as I am used to the countryside and both my husband and I would love to do more surfing, swimming, plus my dog enjoys being in the water.

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