Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Workplace Most Wanted

I'm working from home today, as I regularly do and today my husband is doing the same.  The desk I normally work on has pretty good natural light but due to the nature of the work we're each doing, my hubby has that desk today and I was working on the dining room table giving me the space to spread out the flipchart sheets I was using.  

Now this part of our house isn't awash with natural light and so once I'd finished with the flipcharts and just needed my laptop I moved to set up by the bay window.  The morning sunshine streaming in and thankfully our street is pretty quiet so I'm not going to get distracted with people watching (one of my favourite things).

The table is small (perfect for it's role as a side table for a vase of flowers and to rest a cup of tea) but still just about big enough for my lap top.  The sunshine is warm, I can see the pretty spring flowers in my window boxes, I have plenty of natural light, all in all it's a very pleasant place to work.

Whilst doing some other research I came across this article at robersoncooper.com about The Top 5 Most Wanted Elements In The Workplace

The article gives the highlights of research undertaken by Human Spaces and Prof Cary Cooper into the impact of biophilia on happiness, productively, creativity and collaboration in the workplace.

Source: http://www.robertsoncooper.com/good-daily
I really do value natural light and would certainly place it at the top of my list.  

Years ago, during my university holidays I had a summer and Christmas job in a shoe shop in a large indoor shopping centre.  It had the obvious benefit of being able to visit several shops under one roof without getting wet if it was raining.  However, once I was inside the shoe shop, I had no idea of what the weather was doing outside.  The temperature was always the same managed by our air conditioning system and the lights were always on.  There was no natural light and my only clue to weather changes outside was when customers arrived shaking wet brollies or with sunglasses perched on their heads.  Without the natural light it felt like the day had no shape to it; it just started and then eventually it ended.

Although I'm very happy with my natural light arrangement and the fact that we've positioned our WiFi router so that we can pick up WiFi at any point in the garden should I choose to work outside on warmer days....but if I could just somehow arrange a sea view as well, then that would be total bliss!

Go to http://www.robertsoncooper.com/good-daily for the full article.

What would be at the top element of your working wishlist? 

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