Monday, 24 November 2014

Relaxation Tip 4 - Make time for longer relaxation periods each day

In addition to your fast charge breaks, set aside at least one slot of 20 minutes or so each day where you focus specifically on a relaxation activity.   (David Algeo RobertsonCooper)
In Tip 3 we talked about "fast charging" which is great for keeping us going with a 'quick and often' approach to relaxing and energy recharging.  However, if we think back to our battery analogy, this is only going to give us a quick blast of extra energy and sometimes we do need to give ourselves a bit of a longer break to ensure that we've had a good, quality energy recharge.  It's these longer relaxation breaks that ensure we're still effective in our work.

There are many relaxation activities to try and I really do believe its a case of finding one that suits you.  Use the re-charge zone we talked about in Tip 2, remove any potential distractions and then you're ready to start.

If you've never tried doing any kind of relaxation or meditation activity before then it may well feel a bit weird at first but I truly believe it's worth sticking with.  

Try listening to a guided relaxation.  There are thousands of them available online with many of them being free.  You'll also find scripts which you could read or better still record yourself so you can play it back.

Another idea is to close your eyes and take in what you can hear, see, smell and feel.  Simply, take time to observe with all your senses, just be in the moment, in the quiet, recharging.

You may find it hard to focus and that your mind wanders off to think about a whole host of other things such as "what shall we have for tea tonight?" or "I really must get that email sent off today or else..."  This is fine and perfectly normal so don't beat yourself up about it just bring your mind back when you notice it wandering and continue.  

Relaxation like many new skills takes practice but it's worth it.

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