Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Relaxation Tip 1 - Look Out For Low Battery Warning Signs

Don't let yourself become completely drained before you do something about it.   (David AlgeoRobertsonCooper)

David Algeo likens our energy levels to a battery.  We may start with a fully charged battery but daily stresses and pressures and physical wear and tear start to eek away at our energy levels and drain our battery.  

Algeo explains that a new mobile phone or laptop lasts a long time before it needs to be re-charged.  However as time goes on and the device is used more  
it needs recharging more frequently and for longer to ensure it is full of charge again.  Algeo goes on to reason that we follow a very similar pattern; as we get older we tend to tire more easily and our battery drains more quickly.
Although I wouldn't necessary class myself as "old", I can certainly relate to this.  Recovery time after a late night or hard physical activity seems to take longer these days than it used to when I was younger.  Does that sound familiar?
The key thing here though is to be able to identify these low battery warning signs. They are likely to be different in each of us but they generally fall into three categories;
Tireness, headaches, weight loss, weight gain
Withdrawing from friends or work colleagues, not replying to emails, loss of concentration, forgetful, frantic activity when we can  end up rushing around being very "busy" but not necessarily productive;  headless chicken scenario.
Irritability, tearful, heightened sensitivity and losing our sense of humour.
So take some time to work our your own low battery warning sign and if you're struggling, ask someone close to you as sometimes others can spot the signs that we need a battery recharge before we can.

Tip 2 tomorrow...

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