Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hannah Fox's Diary 6 - Making it through the week

Dragged myself into work and feeling completely rubbish and even Clipboard Clive noticed.  He suggested that Louise could take over the client calls as my voice is going and I sound like Barry White! I've practically finished them anyway as I stayed on so late yesterday and finished a fair bit. 

On a positive……Darren has actually taken the initiative and arranged for his parents to babysit on Saturday evening as he’s taking me to the new restaurant that’s just opened in town.  It's our wedding anniversary and I haven't even had to drop lots of subtle hints this year!

Hope I’m feeling better by then.

Feeling rubbish but quite pleased with myself for getting through.

Amelia was really sweet and made me a get well card.

I am actually going to get a social time with Darren.

I've got that package of multi vitamins that Katy swears by. She seems to have plenty of vitality!

Hannah Fox is a character.  She is based on our years of experience working for a national mental health charity supporting people facing stress in the workplace.  
The names and characters are not based on any one person and all similarities are purely incidental.
However, hopefully we can all see a little bit of ourselves in Hannah.

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