Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Relaxation Tip 7 - Attend relaxation-centred classes

Sometimes getting help with creating a relaxation strategy can go a long way towards your successful implementation of the habit.  (David Algeo RobertsonCooper)

The type of relaxation class you choose is obviously completely up to you.  Maybe read up a little on the different types such as breathing classes, yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, meditation to try and help you make up you mind on which one to try.

Although many of these relaxation techniques can be practiced at home, however the act of physically going to a class and being lead by an expert has numerous benefits.  The class is likely to be at a set time each week and therefore you can schedule this into your diary apposed to trying to set aside time at home which can be quite tricky as there are plenty of other distractions.  By signing up to a class you are making a very definite and positive decision, plus if there is a charge involved, then a financial commitment too!  If we're paying for something then we're more likely to fulfill our intentions.  At a class, we will be mixing with others who have the same intention as us and therefore some common ground already exists on which there's the potential to build new friendships.  Or you may have a friend who is willing to join you at the classes and going with someone else particularly to the first session can be quite a comfort.

As Algeo says, attending a class, being supported by an expert and getting help in setting up our own relaxation strategy are all ways in helping us to be successful in our aim.

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