Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Relaxation Tip 2 - Identify or Create a Re-charge Zone

Find or carve out an area that you use solely for relaxation. 
(David Algeo RobertsonCooper)

This area doesn't have to be kept sacred at all times for this use.  In fact in order to take this photo of this chair I had to remove 3 dolls, a pencil case and a cuddly ostrich!  Before and after school this chair certainly isn't a calm place but during the day and particularly in the mornings when the sun is shining through this window, it's the perfect re-charge place for me.  I can gaze out the window and look at the activity outside.

You don't have to just have one re-charge zone.  In the dryer and warmer times a seat in the garden could be just the place.  My mum and dad have an adult swing tucked away at the bottom of their garden and it's a lovely area to sit, gently sway on the swing and enjoy a few precious quiet moments.

Don't take your phone or laptop to your re-charge zone with you but if it feels too much to take time out to do nothing, then try reading a chapter of your book or do a crossword or take a cup of tea with you.  

Try and make it part of your day to go to this place and leave the hustle bustle behind for a few moments.

Tip 3 tomorrow...

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