Monday, 17 November 2014

10 Top Relaxation Tips

I have been reading a brilliant article by Stress Guru, David Algeo on RobertsonCooper website which gives some fabulous tips on managing stress and the need for us to find ways to rest, relax and re-charge.

The days are feeling shorter, darker and quite possibly wetter and colder too, so what better excuse to hibernate in an evening, relax by a roaring fire, maybe watch a film, chill out, snuggle up under a woolly blanket, play family board games and drink mugs of scrummy hot chocolate....bliss!  Rest, relax and re-charge!

However, from conversations with friends I know that's not how we're all feeling at the moment.  Christmas is on the horizon and depending on how we feel about the festive season, we could be feeling excited, finger paused over the play button of our favourite Christmas tunes and itching to get our tree up and decorated.  On the other hand we may be feeling the pressure of end of year deadlines at work, worrying about catering for big family gatherings, buying the perfect presents, wanting to catch up with friends to celebrate, trying to balance home and work life and fit children's Christmas productions, carol concerts, parties, visits to santa into an already busy calendar....and ending up feeling pretty frazzled!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Christmas but that doesn't mean I don't feel stressed and anxious at times which is why I'm very keen to share these Top 10 Relaxation Tips with you.

So as a little pre-Christmas gift from Work Smart Work Savvy, I'll be sharing a tip a day over the next two weeks meaning that come December, we'll have 10 fantastic strategies for staying calm and relaxed not just over the festive season but for us to try and practice and incorporate into our busy lives.

Tip 1 coming tomorrow...


  1. Looking forward to top tip number one.....

  2. Relaxation is very important to stay away from stress and anxiety. I am also waiting for your tips..actually taking natural supplements for stress is also a good way that i do.


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