Friday, 2 October 2015

WSWS Friday Download - Smiling

Today's Friday Download just happens to clash with World Smile Day and I can't think of a better subject to end the week with than smiling...say cheese!

Evie, my youngest daughter and I in Cornwall this summer.  Sunny days on the beach always makes us smile!

American, commercial artist, Harvey Ball created the smiley face in 1963 which quickly become a symbol of good will and good cheer and was used widely across the globe.  However, as the years passed Harvery became worried that the original message associated with the smiley was getting lost due to over commercialisation of the symbol.

"Out of that concern came his idea for World Smile Day®. He thought that we, all of us, should devote one day each year to smiles and kind acts throughout the world. The smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion. Harvey’s idea was that for at least one day each year, neither should we. He declared that the first Friday in October each year would henceforth be World Smile Day®. Ever since that first World Smile Day® held in 1999, it has continued every year in Smiley's hometown of Worcester, MA and around the world."   (

I love the World Smile Day motto "Do an act of kindness.  Help one person smile!"  Surely that's worth a try.  

What's more, smiling is officially good for us as smiling immediately releases endorphins and it is these endorphins which relieves stress and lowers anxiety.  Although it's not easy, smiling during stressful situations can have a calming effect as studies have shown that smiling can help slow our heart rate which generally increases when we feel stressed and relaxes our body.  

Have a look at these articles packed full of more health benefits of smiling... 

Who can resist a baby smile?  Not many people are immune to the charms of those  toothless, slightly dribbled early smiles. Many a new parent , myself included, have spent hours trying to draw out that very first baby smile and then even longer trying to re-create it and capture it on camera.  It's such a special smile and one to be treasured forever.

Although I knew exactly the photos I was looking for for my daughters above as they are the sort of images that become etched in a parents brain, I became lost in browsing through other smiley photos enjoying the happy memories.  It was like a big smile hunt and what a fantastic way to loose half an hour (and the rest) and what a boost to my overall feeling of well-being and happiness.  I highly recommend it.

These are just a few of the Sister Smiles I found whilst on my smile hunt through my phone photos.

Our very own Work Smart Work Savvy Midweek Motivation has touched on the subject of smiling and happiness on several occasions but here are the best ones...

And my personal favourite...

Back in March of this year I wrote an article about the International Day of Happiness co-ordinated by Action for Happiness which you can find by clicking here.  It's smile packed with tips about happier living and some rather smiley cakes!

What makes you smile?  Is it a certain song, a particular friend that always has you in stitches, a pet, a favourite TV programme, a hobby you love, being outside, family time...?Here are just a few of the things that have made my girls and I smile recently...

Lastly a smile is contagious so let's make it our mission to spread smiles around the area we live and see how many smiles we get back.  So go on, smile at a stranger, you just may very well make their day.   I'd love to hear what response you get.

Finally, I'm not making any apologies for the number of smiling Monis girls in this post, I know it's self indulgent but these smiling faces never fail to make me smile not matter what!  Happy smiling!

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