Friday, 11 September 2015

Will taking "4 Savvy Steps to Getting More Done" really make a difference to my life?

Will doing 4 Savvy Steps to Getting More Done really make a difference to my life?

Now isn't that just the million dollar question!

OK so let’s lay the cards on the table here, this course alone, and in fact any course for that matter, is not going to magically transform your life just through the act of enrolment.

Just like simply having a map doesn't get you from Bristol to Manchester and owning a book on baking doesn't make you Mary Berry. However, if you engage in the course, follow the advice, complete the activities, practice the techniques and are really determined to make changes for the better, then you have my guarantee that you’ll come out smiling.

There are no magic wands or frogs to kiss (well actually there is a section on kissing frogs but you’ll have to wait until Savvy Step 3 for that beauty).

What there is, however, is brilliant course content, insightful and experience based advice and tips backed up with carefully planned and thought out worksheets to guide you through the activities.

This course is all about you. It’s you learning more about yourself and how you work and then deciding which bits are worth keeping and which bits are definitely not. These “definitely nots” can then be swapped for some of the fabulous tried and tested tips, processes, advice and techniques which the course is jammed packed to the rafters with. In addition, by the end of the course you will have created your very own and completely unique one page Personal Power Plan to help keep you on track as you continue to get more done without working more hours.

More details and how to sign up for "4 Savvy Steps to Getting More Done Without Working More Hours" can be found here .


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