Friday, 28 August 2015

3 Steps to Making It Happen

I don't know about you but my head can be a very busy, very messy place at times.  My head churns out ideas much quicker than my body could ever make these ideas into anything more solid which is probably a very good fact, certainly a good thing as not all the ideas are that wonderful.  Don't get me wrong, at the time of having the idea, whether it's something quite small and simple or altogether more elaborate, I think they are the complete bees knees.  I've been writing down my ideas for years now and have books of sketches and notes covering ideas for Work Smart Work Savvy, changes to the house  and garden, creative sewing projects, craft and learning activities for my daughters, house decorating ideas, birthday party themes and games as well as aspirational ideas and others that don't really fit into any category.  

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”
Bill Copeland, Cricket Umpire

When I look back through these books some ideas jump out at me and I still think it's a fabulous idea while others just make me question what planet I was actually on when I had that idea!

Setting up Work Smart Work Savvy has been an big idea that I wanted to take from the idea seed into reality and actually make it happen.  I created the Make It Happen tool a few years ago and have used it numerous times.  I've now given it a make-over and it's ready to share so here are my...

3 steps to making it happen

1. Decide what your IT is?

Maybe, like me, you have a head full of ideas and plans and you need to choose which one or ones to make happen, to avoid being pulled from one thing to the next as your head churns out another idea and your imagination thinks...”oooh yes let’s try that one as well”. Without a clear goal we would end up with a million and one things on the go but never actually getting as far as making any of them really happen.

Maybe there is one very important thing that you must make happen so you need to create a water tight plan. 

Maybe there’s something that you’ve always thought about doing but haven’t yet taken the plunge or even dipped your toe in for that matter, into making it happen. 

Maybe you’re very busy running up and down that field as Bill Copeland mentions but unfortunately although you’re covering a lot of ground, your actions aren’t focused in the right areas for getting you any closer to making your goal happen.

Whichever of the statements rings true to your ears, my Make It Happen Tool will give you somewhere to start, a process to follow and a way to organise your thoughts so your vision becomes clearer, your actions more focused and your motivation more sustained.

2. Write it down
So you don't forget it, write it down.  Don't worry about the detail at this point, just write what you want to make happen and try and capture your enthusiasm for the idea. 

3. Get the Make It Happen Tool
Lastly pop over to the Work Smart Work Savvy website and buy the Make It Happen tool for the amazingly good value price of £2...yes just £2!

You will get...
  • full instructions and advice for using the tool
  • the Make It Happen Tool sheet
  • the additional Step at a Time sheet
  • and a bonus illustrated notes page
So go make it happen!

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