Friday, 19 June 2015

Coffee Date Interview 17 - Sandra

Name:  Sandra 

Job Title: PA at large multinational firm

1. What drives you crazy at work?
The lack of personal responsibility – even buying a pen is an issue! I spend a huge amount of time chasing people for things that are for their own benefit.

2. What are the 3 “nevers” in your life?

· Cruelty

· Cheating

· Adultery

3. What eats up most of your time at work?
See Number 1 – other people not doing what is required.

4. What’s the biggest compliment you’ve had a work?
Well being paid for doing it I think – they have kept me a long time!

5. What was the worst job you ever had and what did it teach you?
Hop picking – never to do it again.

6. What one thing would you change about your job or place of work?
The need for joined up thinking with processes

7. What are the 3 “always” in your life?
· Take your makeup off before you go to bed

· Have Champagne in the fridge

· Keep an open mind and up to date

8. What’s your top tip for staying on top of things and getting stuff done?
Lists - I used to have a notice once that said “Efficiency means Peace of Mind” – Concentration.

9. Coffee or Tea?
Morning coffee / afternoon Tea

10. Star Wars or Star Trek?

11. Pudding or Cheese and Biscuits?

12. Early Bird or Night Owl?
Early Bird

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