Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday Fun

It's Friday and the weekend is almost upon, so here's a little Friday Fun for you...

Are you singing now?  Did you re-read it using your best Elton John and Kiki Dee voices?......OK just me then...moving swiftly on.....

This reminded me of an article I read recently in the newspaper about questions put to couples who were 100 years old asking for their healthy relationships tips.  

Holiday Retirement  conducted a study of 68 centenarians asking them to name the most important factor for a successful marriage and nearly a third stated the importance of making a stronger effort to communicate.

The other tips were...

22% - say "I love you" more often
22% - spend more time together
6% - spend less time together
3% - be more kind

It may be a step too far to say "I love you" to your work colleagues and probably highly inappropriate to say it to your boss....but we can probably think of times when better communication would have got better results whether we are on the giving or receiving side of the communication.  I know I can certainly think of a few times.  

Unfortunately we have very little say in how others communicate to us, however we can certainly try to ensure our outward communication is as good as possible and just maybe, our good practice might rub off on others.  A kind of good communication chain reaction!

So thought for the day; maybe we could try to ask ourselves three things before speaking...

Is it helpful? 
Is it kind? 
Does it need saying?

Have a good weekend and if a full English breakfast is your weekend treat, enjoy your bacon and eggs!

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