Thursday, 3 September 2015

8 Tips for Dealing with Change at Work

I don't know about your neck of the woods but in mine, yesterday was first day of term.  Both of my daughters were kitted out and ready with all necessary bits of uniform.  On the outside they had everything ready; new shoes, same uniform, hair neatly tied up but on the inside they were feeling very different.

My 9 year old going into Year 5 was raring to go, excited about spending lots of time with her friends , enthusiastic about her new teacher, familiar with the school environment and expectations and loving being in the second oldest year in the school.

It was a slightly different story for my 5 year old going into Year 1.  She was worried.  We talked it through, saying it's OK to feel like this, explaining that she won't be the only one and comforted and reassured her. 

The main difference here being their attitude to change and to doing new things.  To be fair there was more change going on for my youngest to deal with than her sister who's classmates have remained the same for the last two years.  Where as for my youngest, not only is the school still relatively new to her and her classmates but the class structure has changed since last year so although she's with plenty of her friends, there are some close friends who are in different year 1 classes.

Is it just 5 year olds who struggle with change?  I don't' think so at all.  Change, particular change that is imposed upon us can really throw us off kilter.

So here are my Top 8 Tips for Dealing with Change at Work...

1. Acknowledge that change happens.  It's inevitable and to be honest we'd probably get bored stiff if things didn't move on and change.  Try not to take it personal but rather look at the bigger picture.

2. Speak to someone you trust about your feelings.  It's best to avoid someone else who is struggling with the change and seek someone who will give you an honest view point on the situation.

3. Keep some things the same during a period of change.  It can just be little things like going to the same coffee shop but continue with the routines you've created that have served you well so far. 

4. Give yourself options. Rather than saying "if only.....", move your thoughts to "OK, given that I'm in this situation, what's my plan?" Don't sit back feeling like a victim, take control and make some positive decisions.

5. Avoid gossip, rumours, moaners and groaners.  During periods of change gossip can increase, stories can become exaggerated and embellished like a massive game of Chinese whispers.  Seek out information from those who have the facts and try and keep an open mind.

6. Continue to do your work as best you can.

7. Do something completely unrelated to the change.  Get together with friends outside of work where the conversation won't drift to this subject.  Engross yourself in a hobby.

8. Plan in little treats and rewards to help keep you going during tricky times.  The promise of a pain au chocolate after school did wonders to help keep my little one going!

As a little footnote; both my daughters had a fantastic first day back at school.  I'm very proud of them and very happy with their teachers....oh and yes, I do have a cheeky pain au chocolate at the ready for this afternoon!

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